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January Articles

Please note that all all of these pix and video come from facebook

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IT'S CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK!! January 28 through February 2!

We had an action packed day at GSA today! 
Following the Spelling Bee, we chee
red on our Varsity girls vs Varsity boys in the annual basketball game held on school spirit day! Chanting, signs & smiles galore. What a great day to be a part of Guardian Nation!  
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Today we held the annual 8th grade egg drop for Science class. Students brought in a wide variety of vehicles made from all different types of recycled materials. Even though we had a few egg casualties, the whole drop was a success. The 8th grade learned, you can’t truly make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!   Way to go, 8th grade!

Congratulations to Sienna Curry and Grace Hamill who are this year’s co-champions of GSA’s 2024 Spelling Bee!

The competition proved to be a fierce one for all students involved as the Scripps National Spelling Bee list was exhausted, leading us to name two students to the title of champion. As GSA awaits guidance from Scripps, please stay tuned for the Regional Qualifier in which GSA will be represented.

A special thank you goes out to faculty and staff who helped make this event possible, as well as judges who volunteered their time and Mrs. Hampton, spelling bee coordinator at GSA.


Congratulations to all of our Talent Show participants for such wonderful performances this morning!  
All students looked
great in their “Inside Out” apparel today. See you tomorrow in your best dressed GSA attire! We can’t wait to see your school spirit! Go Guardians!   
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We had an awesome first day celebrating Catholic Schools Week at GSA!

Our students enjoyed a special stars and planets presentation from Wilkes University as they dressed in their best mismatched outfits!

Thank you to our GPTO for planning this fun day for the students! Also, for providing a delicious lunch with many desserts for our faculty and staff to enjoy!

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“We are all stars in this galaxy. All of us. No one’s greater than the other.”

~Scatman Crothers

Today, GSA had the opportunity to participate in Science in Motion, presented by Wilkes University. It was out of this world!!


One of our favorite traditions at GSA! Our homeroom parents transformed the classroom doors, student lockers and hallways to celebrate Catholic Schools Week! Everything looks amazing & the students loved all of the wonderful surprises this morning! Their reactions were priceless!


What a wonderful afternoon at Good Shepherd Academy!

Thank you to everyone who made our Open House a huge success and the best ever!

Thank you to our faculty and staff, our GPTO, Athletic representatives, Aftercare, Service Club, Cheerleaders and everyone who made today a great turnout!

We are looking forward to an amazing Catholic Schools Week at GSA! Go Guardians!


GSA students attended & greeted many parishioners at St. Ignatius Church for today’s 10:30 mass.

It’s Friday! So you know what that means in Second Grade…..FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY! A little cloudy weather is actually perfect for this weekly tradition. This week we are enjoying biographies


Students in 1C made themselves comfy during Phonics today as they practiced working together in small groups. As they say… teamwork makes the dream work! Way to go 1st grade!

4B enjoying art class with Ms. Cooney! They created “Free Hugs Cactus” projects. So creative and fun! Great job 4th grade!


Hoping everyone is taking advantage of this snowy day and gets the chance to cuddle up and read a good book.  
Please enjoy some pics that were taken th
is week of 4B and KB enjoying the Reading Lounge with Mrs. Nicolai.

In social studies class last Friday, some of our I.I. friends presented their posters. They were assigned the task of creating a campaign poster as if they were running for office!

Mrs. Wesley’s Pre-K class paid a visit to our Blessed Mother this afternoon as part of a religion lesson. The students prayed a Hail Mary together on this lovely day. 🙏 💛💙


Dr. Hoppe's 8th grade science class had a great time today doing their acids and bases indicator lab. Who knew Anthocyanins could be so exciting!?

Happy National Fourth Graders Day! 
Mrs. Staskiel & Mrs. Shandra’s fourth grade classes enjoyed a special day that was all about them!

In honor of the start of a new year, Miss Karcutskie’s history classes have been working on a “year in review project” during their first days back. They had to pick a year in the past - anything before 2023 - and describe one historical event per month of that year. Can you guess the year these groups chose based on their events?


Mrs. Prociak’s PreK class completed a STEM project using plastic cups, hoolahoops and packing triangles. The children began building a castle but soon transitioned into having a hot chocolate party by filling the cups with the brown packing triangles!
Using your imagination is so much fun!

Good Shepherd Academy thanks the Kingston Fire Department for their assistance in making our building a little more Merry & Bright this year! Thank you, KFD, for taking time out of your busy days to help us to hang and remove the wreaths from our building. We appreciate you!

Stream Club's Blue Group had a fun independent project day! Some students built Lego drones, some built robot coloring machines, some built chain reactions, and others did a bit of everything. Thank you to Dr. Hoppe and Mrs. Isaacs for making this club possible!

Some improvements happening at GSA! 
The elevators have been given a "facelift" with new paint a
nd decals on the door. Each door matches the subjects mostly taught on that floor! 🌟

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