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November Articles

Please note that all all of these pix and video come from facebook

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4th grade has been very busy perfecting their multiplication!

Miss Karcutskie's 7th and 8th graders had a festive assignment to do over break. The classes had to make "historical ornaments" to symbolize different moments in history that they found to be most interesting/inspiring. They did an amazing job!


Mrs. Prociak's PreK class celebrated a busy pre-Thanksgiving week! 
After reading Pumpkin Jack, the children watche
d what happened when baking soda and vinegar were mixed inside a jack-o-lantern. After spewing foam, Jack was put into a plastic container so we could study decomposition. After studying the Life Cycle and parts of a pumpkin, they made Lollipop pumpkins. 
The class learned about the Pilgrims and made mini- me Pilgrims to take home to decorate their Thanksgiving tables. 
The children enjoyed an educational and fun week 
The PreK Class wishes everyone a happy and restful Thanksgiving break!

Our SEL team just had to toot some more horns before Thanksgiving break - and we had some helpers deliver the horns this morning!    
Today, we tooted Mrs. Stiles' horn - for sharing her faith and kindness with our youngest Guardians and for always being a helping hand!   
We also tooted Mr. Hanlon's horn! Mr. Hanlon is an incredible role model who instills a love for music and performing to Guardian Nation!

Mrs. Wesley's Pre-K class shared a "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" feast together. In the cartoon, the Peanuts friends come together for a meal that consists of toast, popcorn, jellybeans and pretzels. As the students enjoyed their feast, they each shared what they're thankful for this year.


Mrs. C's First Grade Thanksgiving Stem Challenge! Their goal was to build a table using straws and tape that will hold all 8 Thanksgiving dishes. Gobblin' good fun was had by all!

Mrs. Lukatchik's First Grade class has a lot to be thankful for this year!

In addition to learning about Thanksgiving in social studies class, the students in our Individualized Instruction program were able to participate in a Thanksgiving feast with a twist! Instead of traditional Thanksgiving food, each student was asked to bring in their favorite food to share with the class. They read a quick story, prayed, and then had their feast! They also made apple pie in a cup! The students had to follow the recipe to make the yummy dessert. I.I. had so much fun, and it combined subjects like social studies, math, reading, and life skills.

Stream Club's Blue Group was hard at work constructing with K'Nex. This was the first time some of these students had ever heard of this classic STEM learning toy and they knocked it out of the park yesterday!


Last weekend, Mrs. Wesley's Pre-K students hand-delivered "thank you for your service" signs to their favorite veterans. The students learned all about our American heroes throughout the week.

Happy National Catholic School Principals Day to our fearless leaders of Guardian Nation!    
Today and every day, we are thankful for Mr. Jones and Mrs. Elston. The strong leadership and kind, caring environment they provide is what makes Good Shepherd Academy excel in every way.
From making sure every child gets into the building safely in the morning and back on to their buses in the afternoon, to covering lunches, administrative tasks, and everything in between - there is no one better than Mr. Jones and Mrs. Elston. It's hard to put into words all that they do for us every day, but one thing is for sure - we are blessed with the very best at GSA! 
They treat every child as their own and every faculty and staff member as family. Good Shepherd Academy is a tight knit community because of these two incredible individuals who lead our team every day. I think we can all agree that we are not only blessed to have them leading our children's educational paths, but also to have them as solid role models for our children and ourselves.   
Mr. Jones, Mrs. Elston, and everyone who came through the lobby today were greeted with a fun surprise and in honor of them, faculty and staff were treated to lunch. Obviously, our SEL team had to "Toot Their Horns" for all they do every day!   
Thank you to our SEL team, The Anthracite Cafe, On Deck Graphics and Robbie's Balloons and More for making this day special. 
   Thank you, Mr. Jones and Mrs. Elston, for all that you do. You are loved and appreciated!

Just want to toot your horn!   
Congratulations to Mrs. Jumper for receiving our first "Toot Your Horn" from the SEL team! 
Mrs. Jumper creates a safe and nuturing learning environment for her students and finds the beauty in every teachable moment.


Ms. Cooney's art classes made cards for the Swoyersville Kiwanis. The VA Volunteer Service distributed to their veterans at their facilities.


What a night to be a Guardian!   
Last night, we kicked off the 20
23-2024 basketball season the only way we know how - with over the top school spirit! The night was complete with player introduction, speaker JC Show with an incredible message for our athletes, our cheerleaders rocking the house and of course ending with our Alma Mater. 
We're always proud to be Guardians, but last night was extra special. Wishing our players a healthy season.     
Thank you to our athletics association and everyone who made this night so incredible for our student athletes!

Congratulations to our November NEPA Teacher of the Month: Jessica Lukatchik from Good Shepherd Academy !!! Thank you, Ms. Lukatchik, for the dedication you show to your students every day.   
Here's a little about her: "One of my priorities as a teacher is getting to know my students and build a relationship with them early on. I love getting to know my students' extracurricular activities and share conversations about practices, sports, and some of their favorite things. Once those relationships are built, something as simple as asking how their new puppy is doing automatically helps the students feel loved and cared about. They are more willing to put the extra effort into school work and become more engaged for this reason."


The STREAM club made paper airplanes for the very first time - most of them for the first time!  The goal was 10 meters - we had many brilliant tries, one success, and everyone had a blast!

This week, Mrs. Nicolai's Kindergarten Library Classes welcomed Corporal Lee Dudick as a speaker and guest reader.   
The kids were eager to explore some of the equipment he uses to help keep our community safe. 
He read the book "Officer Buckle and Gloria" and it was a huge hit!  
Thank you Corporal Dudick for spending your time with GSA!

Students in Miss Kebles' social studies class completed a goods or services project. They had to pick a good or service, explain what they do, and why they picked it!

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